I had my first black cock

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I always heard stories about my friends fucking black guys and they always talked about how big their cocks were. I always was a little curious but never had the nerve to experience it. It was always a little intimidating to me.

Well last week while I was at the gym on the treadmill the sexiest black man approached me and wanted to know my name. His name is Eric and he is about 6′ huge dark brown eyes and neatly groomed from head to toe. My pussy began throbbing just looking at him.

I told him about my situation being married and he was totally okay with it, anyway 1 week after we met after the gym he took me for a snack at this little cafe…there had been this intense connection from day one sexually mainly. When we got back to his car he started touching me all over and passionatley kissing me pinching my nipples, feeling my pussy through my leggings. I started rubbing his cock through his pants and he told me he wanted to feel my lips wrapped around it. So I pulled it out of his pants and he was about 11′ cut, a beautiful cock that curved, my tiny hands could barely grip it. I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth, we have fucked everyday since. He is so nasty and I love it, especially when he’s banging me telling me how much he loves sticking his big black dick in my tight white pussy !! Mmm I’d love to watch him make my husband watch him fuck me then maybe dump his load all over his face! Any of you guys into that!?
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I Licked the cum from her pussy

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You all know I am one of the nastiest sluts ever. Well today when my husband left for work, I walked next door to the neighbor’s house. I knew her husband just left for work…I have had lots of fun with him but now it was her turn. I pretended as though I needed to borrow some lightbulbs from them, I don’t think she bought it as she invited me in right away.

I had on a tight white tshirt with no bra, nipples poking right through, little denim jean skirt with of course no panties on underneath. She was dressed in a cute little black dress. She is absolutely gorgeous. She has long dark auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, standing at about 5’9 with the most amazing tan legs you have ever seen.

I could tell she was staring at my hard nipples which made my pussy so increadibly wet! She offered me some coffee and we sat down on the sofa in the library of their home and chatted for a little while. Needless to say that one thing lead to another at one point and before I knew it my face was burried in her tight wet pussy. She was grinding it against my face fucking my face with her wet cunt. I liked up every last drop of it it tasted so good.

Next I think I might work my way into having her husband cum in her pussy and letting me eat it out of her, I mean I have already had a mouthful of his cum would be even better oozing out of her slit!

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He had no clue

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I was parked near my husbands work place this morning waiting for him to come out to meet me, I saw this guy parked near by watching this young hot girl sitting outside having her coffee at the cafe. I could see that he was stroking his cock, it took everything in me not to go over to him and help him out while he watched her, my tight pussy got all hot and wet while watchintg the lustful look on his face. I was just about to start playing with my pussy then my husband walked out. I was so horny when he got into the car that I immediately unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and began giving him the best head he has had in a long time. I let him shoot his load down my throat and it was a huge one!!! Mmm nothing better then cum for breakfast 😉 Part of me wonders if that guy I saw is there often, I have never seen him before…but I  think that the next time I see him, if I do…I am going to suck him off while he watches that girl!

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Sexy Friday

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Yahoo Me

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Girls I do Adore!

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I love pussy! If I might be so bluntly honest about it, hehe….the reason I brought this up was because there is this slutty little teenage neigbor of mine who is a complete fucking tease!! That was until this afternoon anyway 😉 She came home from school and locked herself out of the house and came over to knock on my door. This is the 4th time this month she has done this, usually when she comes over I am really flirtatious just trying to get a feel for her and what she might be into. We have become really friendly and she’s open to chat about anything from sucking cock to just recently her desire to try being with another woman for the very first time! My immediate thought “I’m so fucking this little bitch”.

She’s a hot little brunette with nice big tits, hot cute little ass and I am now able to say the most gorgeous little shaven pussy I have ever seen besides my own 😉 I licked the cum right out of that tight little pussy this afternoon and allowed her the pleasure of tasting my ALWAYS wet and creamy little cunt as well! Directed her and showed her exactly how to eat pussy the right way…so that in the future she would be more comfortable knowing what she was doing! What an obedient student!! I bet you’d love to hear all the juicy details now that your dick is dripping 😉 Let me make it pop for you!!! Call me tonight and let’s get fucking nasty now that my pussy is wet all over again jsut thinking about the nasty things I did to that little highschool girl whore!

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Daddy read me a bedtime story

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Last night daddy was so nice to his little girl 😉 He read me a bedtime story that was one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. It wasn’t my daddy it was my best friends father. He and I were talking after I had dinner at her parents house. Ashley and her mom stepped outside to visit with the neighbor. Well I took full advantage of that and wrapped my slutty little lips right around his noticably stiff cock. He has a huge cock and I just loved sucking the cum right out of it! Want more of the story? Call me so I can tell you all about it.